The Milla Flores

You guys have done some amazing work figuring out Jim Malham’s passwords and stuff for the Blackmoor site - thank you. But I’m wondering about this:

When I spoke to her, Emma Bracewell told me that her last known address for her cousin was at the Millaflores Hotel in Lima. I presume he was there before he left for Calca, but it’d be great to check if he had a corporate account, either under his own name, or Blackmoor, or Prometha. I can’t figure out which username or password he would have used. Any ideas?

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7 Responses to “The Milla Flores”

  1. Sam R Says:

    Well if he was there being paid for by Prometha, perhaps Pro/wood would be a good username? Or similarly, Bla/Malh if we’re following the same pattern.

    No idea on the password though, sorry. I’m still working on it.

  2. Matt Says:

    Thanks Sam, like your thinking. Does everyone who uses a corporate account have their own username? (Never having been on a corporate jolly myself, I wouldn’t know.) Not sure if that’s even relevant. Think my brain might be on the point of buckling under the strain of all this code-cracking.

  3. Claire Tillyer Says:

    I’ve tried loads of combinations but nothing seems to work. Although is there a chance he was there under an assumed name (possibly Jacob Marks (he’s written a comment on the guest page), same initials and everything and there around the time Malham must have stayed there)?
    Anyway, I’ll keep looking :-)

  4. Zoe Fell Says:

    Sam and I are literally tearing our hair out over this one!
    I honestly think our brains have melted…
    Not sure about corporate accounts though.
    I’ll go for a little Google…

  5. Sam R Says:

    If you were there on a corporate mission, would you have filled in the guestbook? I don’t think I would, lmao. Mind you, maybe he was just bored watching Markus all day… I dunno, lol.

    I wondered if he had an assumed name too, but I searched all the UK people in the “recent guests” on the Rosalita page, and came up with nothing. So… more looking, I guess.

  6. Matt Says:

    I had a chat with Aalia about this: she remembered from the accounts that there was a corporate account in the name of Prometha - but that she never had the password. She just got forwarded printouts of bills.

    If Malham was using the corporate account out there, what might his password have been? I think we’re on to something with the assumed names, too - he doesn’t seem like the imaginative type…

  7. Sam R Says:

    I’ve just been looking at the guest log at the Rosalita (working on the idea that if Markus and Malham both stayed at the Millaflores, and Markus stayed at the Rosalita then MAlham probably did too).

    As names go, I’m currently liking Malcolm Fink for an alias. For a start, Malcolm sounds a lot like Malham, and Fink, as anyone who watches black and white films will know, is a colloquial term for a bad guy. “You rotten fink” and all that.

    It’s not helping me guess a password, but… I dunno. Something, maybe.