More ideas for Sunday

With Sunday’s lab heist ever closer - and my innards in ever greater turmoil - a further summary of suggestions for how to pull it all off (lab heist, not innards):

Tilly reckons distraction is the way to go, perhaps coupled with a ’scientist delivering something to lab’ cover story.

If you take a cool box and some dry ice with some fake samples in then I bet they wouldn’t turn you away, especially if you show them what’s in the box and say that the very expensive samples are going to get ruined if you don’t get them to the lab quick.

Zoe made the point that we’re going to need people stationed in the fields of each of the security cameras.

If you’ve got people distracting security on the CCTV, then the security guards are going to be more concerned with getting them off the premises than anyone else in the grounds.

Mike thinks there may be a camera blind-spot between the out buildings and the northern fence.

Suggestions for disabling the CCTV cameras once we’re inside the building include hairspray, paint and paint-ball paint. The tricky thing here is that the cameras are mounted on very high poles. I think we’re going to struggle to disable them; perhaps we’re better off dodging them.

Re Woodburn, Zoe suggested:

If Aalia’s username is anazim, it would make sense for Duncan Woodburn’s to be dwoodburn. If we could get a password, we could hack in and potentially set up an event for Sunday which would ensure he’d be away from Prometha HQ.

Great idea, but I think we’re going to have to just hope that Woodburn is away from the office on some golf course somewhere. There’s no point giving the police any more reason to arrest us (no need to add virtual trespass to actual trespass…).

And finally, Just a friend suggested setting off all the fire alarms, which will automatically open all the doors giving us 10 minutes to search the lab and Woodburn’s office. My concern here is that if searching the lab takes, say, 11 minutes… then we’ll be very much stuffed as emergency services arrive.

Seems to me it comes down to how few laws we can break while still getting the job done. Obviously, the fewer the better. Thoughts?

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10 Responses to “More ideas for Sunday”

  1. Kim C Says:

    Hmmm.. tricky.
    I think it depends how far you want to take this Matt. It’s your call.

    As to the cameras, they’re high up? Ok, so paint balling and stickers are (as you say) going to be out of the question. What about a banner? The type on sticks?
    We can stage a DEPAA protest, the banners wouldn’t look out of place and perhaps we would lure Wood out for an official statement.

    Hmmm…. I shall ponder on.

  2. Sam R Says:

    I generally find that if you look like you know where you’re going, people are so much less likely to question you. And if you get caught somewhere you shouldn’t be, just claim ignorance, and tell them you thought you were in a dance studio or something, and have they seen the toilets? lol

    RE: not being seen, baseball caps and hoodies seem to work well for the disaffected youth we hear about on the news all the time. Not sure how much out of place they’ll look in a top-end biotech firm, but at least it’s camoflague everyone has at home!

  3. Mike Says:

    the fire alarms is a great idea, but 10 mins isn’t exactly a very long time. and how would we set them off in the first place? hope theres a trigger in the reception area?

  4. Matt Says:

    That’s a good point re: setting off alarms. It feels a bit too high-risk as a strategy we can rely on. Maybe Sam’s on the right lines with her ’stride in with confidence’ approach. But I don’t know. Where there are barriers there are passes, and passes need some kind of excuse, or paperwork… I’m concerned.

  5. Zoe Fell Says:

    I am so out of ideas it’s unbelievable.
    It actually makes me want to cry.
    Bad times.


  6. Matt Says:

    Well, blending in in hoodies sounds good. Maybe we need some props, stuff that makes us look… innocent. As if we’re doing something else entirely - or like we belong there. What can we bring along?

  7. Zoe Fell Says:

    Cleaners perhaps?
    Could we blend in as an external cleaning firm?
    Mops and buckets?
    We’d be able to stash any paperwork/samples/incriminating bits and bobs in buckets.
    Wouldn’t raise too much suspiscion getting out.
    Also, we could be stationed around the building, cleaining. That way, we can raise the alarm if anyone’s coming.
    You could also wear lab coats when you’re in the lab.
    Technicians always wear lab coats.

    I’ll have another think.

  8. Kirsty Says:

    We could be cleaners!
    Or IT people, there to fix the printer. Everyone’s always so happy to see people who can fix their IT problems, they probably wont even think to suspect we are up to anything :)

  9. Sam R Says:

    You know who no-one ever questions? Contractors. Wear some hi-vis jackets, carry a clipboard with some important looking papers on, and if anyone tries to stop you getting through a barrier, tell them you’re just there to do the measuring for the new staff canteen. If they say “what canteen” you say “They haven’t told you? Oh man, I hate it when the big brass never tell the staff. It’s awful. Tell you what; don’t tell them we told you, huh? And we’ll squeeze in some extra cake onto the menu.”

  10. Mike Says:

    i have a depaa poster and leaflet, but if anything that would probably draw attention to us or just make them kick us out straight away. i have a hi vis jacket somewhere aswell. ermm not sure what else to be honest