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Just a quick heads-up before I leave for the gig: it looks like the police in Peru have posted another notebook page.


We got some way towards decoding the last set thanks to Mike, but perhaps someone can do better on the new one?

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  1. Mike Cox Says:

    OK, I’m getting there - I’ve not been keeping up to date for the last week, so I don’t know how to interpret the message, so I hope it makes sense to you or someone out there.

    Translating the DNA to protein sequence I get:

    N E E D I D E N T I T Y G F E K P L G R E R F I G P R E Stop T I M I N G S S T I L L I N Q P E S T I G N Stop D I S E A S E S P R E A D I N Q P E S T I G N Stop P R G G F V I A H G S P I T A L R E Q P I R E S C A S E A N D P G L I C E C G G P E R A T I G N Stop

    Which looks to me like

    Need identity of EKulorer figure
    Timings still in question
    Disease spread in question
    Proof via hospital requires case and police cooperation

    P is being used as a substitute for U (there is no U available in the protein code) and G for O for similar reasons.

    I still haven’t quite resolved the end of that first sentence, but working at it. I thought this bit might be informative on its own.

    Going back to the previous message that wasn’t completely translated and applying those substitutions makes it a little clearer, but not much:

    P R I E S G L I C I T G X L D N


    Urie Solicito X LDN

    That X comes from ARR, perhaps Solicitarrr - some sort of London pirate solicitor? Still not satisfied with that - it should be possible to resolve the dodgy bits in both messages. Will let you know! :)

    It sounds like we need to get in touch with the police though - and what’s this spreading disease?!

  2. Mike Cox Says:

    Oops, and it’s no longer Stingray needing clearance (that was wishful thinking possibly involving Aqua Marina) - it’s:

    Story needs legal clearance

    I assume this is the story that Schoenberg had for you - is there a solicitor in london that has more information? A copy of the story? Who was Schoenberg’s solicitor?

  3. Thomas K Says:


    There are a few letters missing from the alphabet, though (only twenty amino acids), but he’s using consistent replacements for those that aren’t there. With a bit of guesswork:
    “Need identity of explorer figure. Timing still in question. Disease spread in question. Proof via hospital requires case and police co-operation.”

    Mysteries within mysteries!

  4. Mike Cox Says:

    And finally it’s

    Need identity of EXPLORER figure. Not Ekulorer, that’s just rubbish. Hope that’s helpful! I’ve stuck the whole lot in a sensible order on my blog.

  5. Claire Tillyer Says:

    Hi Matt,
    the translation reads as the following:
    N E E D I D E N T I T Y G F E K P L G R E R F I G P R E Stop T I Met I N G S S T I L L I N Q P E S T I G N Stop D I S E A S E S P R E A D I N Q P E S T I G N Stop P R G G F V I A H G S P I T A L R E Q P I R E S C A S E A N D P G L I C E C G G P E R A T I G N Stop

    To me that seems to say (if you replace some of the letters, for example g with o):
    Need identity of explorer… still in question..disease sure… question proof via hospital requires case and police cooperation.

    Will keep trying to translate the middle bit.Hope everyone who goes to the gig has a great time (you lucky things :-)) and that you find Aalia safe and well.



  6. Claire Tillyer Says:

    Ahhh… it’s “timings still in question”

  7. Claire Tillyer Says:

    I think the whole thing reads as follows
    “need identity of explorer figure, timings still in question, disease spreading, question proof via hospital, requires case and police co-operation”

    Disease spreading? That sounds like he knew something and that it wasn’t good.


  8. Claire Tillyer Says:

    Looking back the letter swaps would make:
    Story needs legal clearance (urie?) solicitor London

  9. Zoe Fell Says:

    Did they say where this page was found?
    It’s very mysterious how it wasn’t posted with the others…

    (Glad you’re okay by the way, Rachel said you’d got new locks on the doors and windows - stay safe!)


  10. samantha. Says:

    its more proteins, i found some of them mentioned in a book i found online called ’sequences of proteins on immunological interest..,M1