Interview with the Nazim family

Here’s my footage from interviewing the Nazims. They were a really lovely couple, obviously deeply concerned about their daughter.

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5 Responses to “Interview with the Nazim family”

  1. Zoe Fell Says:

    Is there any way to trace the i.p. address that Aalia’s emails came from?

  2. Matt Says:

    It’s a nice idea, but they came from a webmail account so there’s no easy way to trace them back. Could have come from Tonbridge, could have come from Timbuktu.

  3. Zoe Fell Says:

    Shows how much I (don’t) know about computers!
    So, is our best bet for finding Aalia going to the Routes comedy gig on Saturday?

  4. Xephora Says:

    @ zoe fell there is about 20million ways of traceing back an IP from an email but u will need someone who knows their work.

  5. Xephora Says:

    as long as the account is still there ucan find the owner with if u got a “hacker” with you id rather call it a programmer but there is allways ways of finding the owner