How to get in?

Any thoughts on how to pull this off?

William’s suggestion:

The best bet would be to host a rally outside their offices, distracting them long enough for someone to slip in (not that I condone that in any shape or form)

Seems like a good one - seeing as the other option of applying for a job seems not to have worked for Tilly

I’ve been doing a little digging. I spoke to Aalia, who drew me a map of the layout inside. She thinks if paperwork implicating Woodburn is anywhere, it will be in his office. It’s right opposite the lab, which is our likely spot for MAL samples.

Prometha Floor Plan

Prometha Floor Plan

A quick trip to Prometha HQ ‘to deliver a package’ has netted me some useful snaps, and a map of the layout of the front of the building.

Rough map of the Prometha Campus

Rough map of the Prometha Campus

We need to get in, find hard evidence, find a MAL sample, and get out. Aalia tells me the building is open but very quiet at weekends, so I think Sunday is a good bet. The down side: CCTV, and security guards.

Prometha - front, looking north

Prometha - front, looking north

Prometha - entrance

Prometha - entrance

Prometha - south lawn

Prometha - south lawn

Prometha - Drive

Prometha - Drive

Prometha - front

Prometha - front

Prometha - security gate

Prometha - security gate

Prometha - cctv in reception

Prometha - cctv in reception

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12 Responses to “How to get in?”

  1. Zoe Fell Says:

    You’ve got lovely handwriting Matt.
    Give me 20 minutes with a pen, some paper and some toy soldiers and I’ll work out a plan.



  2. Claire Tillyer Says:

    … and that was after I put a little white lie in my C.V, that I’d actually finished my PhD…
    The MAL samples will probably be in an incubator (to keep the cultures alive). As for the best way in… I like the distraction idea. Maybe distraction in combination with blagging your way in past security pretending to be a scientist and there to deliver something to the lab (would also be a help if the labs\offices are locked up because they might unlock them for you, not likely but you never know). If you take a cool box and some dry ice with some fake samples in then I bet they wouldn’t turn you away, especially if you show them what’s in the box and say that the very expensive samples are going to get ruined if you don’t get them to the lab quick.
    I think my imagination is running away with me again.

  3. Zoe Fell Says:

    This may come out a little muddled, but I’ll do my best to simplify my ideas.

    Firstly, please bear in mind that you, Rachel and Aalia aren’t going to be able to do this alone. You’re going to need some help.

    I think that to get into Prometha, you’re going to need people stationed in the fields of each of the security cameras. If you’ve got people distracting security on the CCTV, then the security guards are going to be more concerned with getting them off the premises than anyone else in the grounds.

    It’s easy enough to get one person in (you delivering a package) but more than one is a little bit trickier. However, if you’re using Aalia’s Pass-Card, that’s one less problem regarding the whole Building Intruder thing.

    In the same vein, is there any chance you could get the DEPAA Campaigners from the Science of Love event on board? They’ll attract media attention. Meaning, Duncan Woodburn will have to come out and make a statement (this is assuming that DW’s working on Sunday). This will mean he’s out of the building, and more importantly, out of his office.

    This means the coast will be clear for you, Rachel, Aalia and the other people (who you WILL need) to get into Prometha HQ.

    Also, you’re going to need to disable the CCTV in the building. There’s the high tech option, which will involve hacking into the Prometha system and disabling the Cameras. On the other hand, there are a couple of more rudimentary methods. Paint is my personal favourite. Here’s some info:

    Aalia’s pass-Card will get you into Duncan Woodburn’s office. As for the lab, it should get you in too.

    Oh, and if one of you needs to borrow a lab coat so you can camouflage into the lab’s surroundings, I’ve got one from when I did AS Chemistry and Biology (incidentally, both of which I failed…twice…) which I can send up to you if you need it.

    Well Matt. If you were able to make any sense out of that, I’ll be very impressed.

    I’ll see if I can think f anything else and get back to you.


  4. Mike Says:

    looking at the second picture im wondering if there may be a gap between the out buildings and the northen fence. If there is there could be a blind spot for that camera outside if you keep close to the wall

  5. Sam R Says:

    I tried to get a job too, lying about a biomed degree I don’t have, but no dice.

    Perhaps we could all ring Prometha up, and keep all their available employees busy on the phones whilst you sneak in and swipe the stuff? I’m liking Zoe’s and Tilly’s plans. :) I hear that hairspray is good for muddying up CCTV (well, I saw it on CSI, it must be real).

    I’d definitely say strength in numbers. Distraction tactics are always good… keep them looking at this hand whilst you’re planting a coin behind their ear with that, and all that jazz.

    Errr… yes, so don’t know how much sense I made there. lol.

  6. Just a friend Says:

    I I suggest that once you inside the building, setting of the fire alarms, this should open all the doors automatically healthy and safety laws require it I believe, to allow entrances to free from obstructions, it happens at my offices anyway. This should allow at least ten minutes plus to look around the labs and access computer files and obtain DNA samples.
    With employees and protesters mixing together, security will be more than occupied, but if extra distractions are need a few stage fights scenes and rush toward the entrance should more than do it.

    You should be able to bypassed the security either using id card or the samples trick. As for the camers, use paint ball gun to blind them or one those co2 fire extinguishers to create a smoke screen.

  7. Sam R Says:

    Random question; does Aalia have a log in for the Prometha website? And is there anything useful on there we can use to help you from the comfort of our computers? If you could access the security cameras remotely, for example, that would be a great help…

  8. Matt Says:

    She does - anazim - but they’ve changed her password and locked her out. She says there was nothing interesting in there, anyway: just messages about work.

  9. Zoe Fell Says:

    This is probably completely pointless but I’ll say it anyway: (let’s be honest - I’ve chipped in on everything else, why should this be any different?!)

    If Aalia’s username is anazim, it would make sense for Duncan Woodburn’s to be dwoodburn. If we could get a password, we could hack in and potentially set up an event for Sunday which would ensure he’d be away from Prometha HQ.

    Just an idea. I’m prepared for the barage of “Zoe, that’s a bit silly and, not to mention pointless” comments. Hit me with them.


  10. Kim C Says:

    Either way, I’ll be there on Sunday backing you up Matt!

    Lets get this sorted.

  11. Snarglepip Says:

    The key thing is, DON’T LOOK SUSPICIOUS. I know this goes without saying, but if you’re feeling nervous, you’re going to look nervous: Keep it blank but natural. Dont studiously avoid looking at cameras or guards, but dont keep looking either! Rebecca xxx

  12. Alex Eckl Says:

    If I’m able to be there I could go in dressed as a courier (with cap to hide my face and pretend to be shy - lowered head) - you would need quite a small set of clothes - and say I’m on work experience and my Dad works as a courier and asked me to deliver this package to Dr “X”.
    Then protest etc.
    Then I can somehow slip in if I’ve been given directions - or someone who knows where to go could pretend to be my Dad - if you’re with a kid (even if I’m 14 - I look younger) it would seem less likely.

    Then again that’s depending on if I’m able to be there!

    If I can’t make it use a different plan :)
    Good Luck!
    Alex E.