An address for “Mylo”

This is really exciting news.

We have an address for Jim Malham.

I have to say Emma, his very nice relative who makes an excellent cup of tea, was quite worried about all the email she’d had from people asking after Jim. So I’ve soothed those concerns and come away with the information we need.

It’s time to pay someone a visit.

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One Response to “An address for “Mylo””

  1. Zoe Fell Says:

    I saw the video of Jim/Mylo on Rachel’s profile.
    How is she?
    And more to the point, how are you bearing up?
    It can’t be easy having all of this stuff happening to you.

    From what I saw, it looked like a suicide. But on the other hand, perhaps it was murder made to look like suicide. After all, the door was left open…
    The question now is why?
    Did Malham know you were coming? Or did someone else know and not want Malham talking?
    Perhaps you need to pay Prometha another visit…

    You and Rachel need to be really careful now that your fingerprints are all over his house, don’t let anyone set you two up for murder.