The Family Malham

Rachel and I owe Sam Rocz big time. She posted this to my Facebook wall yesterday:

Jim’s name on the picasaweb site is Mylo Malham, which I searched for and found this; - the same Jim, perhaps?

Sam’s theory?

If I thought people might be out to kill me, I might hire someone who was specialist in “threat assessment and mitigation” to look after me! Given your most recent experiences and Aalia’s, perhaps you could ask him what his services cost?

Could Jim Malham have been hired as some kind of bodyguard by Schoenberg? And if so, what went wrong?

Thanks to Zoe Fell we might now be able to place Malham and our victim, Schoenberg, in the same place at the same time in Peru. She followed a link to Schoenberg’s photos, and noticed a figure in the background:

Zoe Fell's Malham Picture

Zoe Fell's Malham Picture

Compare and contrast:

James Mylo Malham from the Family Malham site

James 'Mylo' Malham from the Family Malham site

If that is him, Schoenberg and Malham were in the same place in Peru on 24th January. The important question: is that all that links them?

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3 Responses to “The Family Malham”

  1. Zoe Fell Says:


    The top photo hasn’t come out - I uploaded it to my Photobucket.

  2. Alex Eckl Says:

    Whiskey etc. ?

    If he was a bodyguard for Markus Schoenberg could he have been out drinking one night?

    That could have been the night when Markus was killed?

    Also, maybe we should try hacking into the Prometha site as the CEO or Head of R and D. To see about the project; also does anyone know why Markus left Prometha?

    Could he have found something out in Peru?

  3. Matt Says:

    Is the assumption here that Markus would need a bodyguard because of the DEPAA threats?

    I’m going to go back to Markus’ notebooks on the Calca police website to see if I can find any mention of Jim Malham. If we could find out what their relationship was, that would be a huge leap forward.

    Naturally I can’t (publicly) condone hacking Prometha, but any answers would be welcome right now. So far as I know he left Prometha to pursue public engagement activities. But when we met Duncan Woodburn he did allude to Markus wanting to leave because Prometha was doing less bio-prospecting, so who knows?