No Luck with the Police

I’ve found the website for the local police in Peru. I was hoping they might post information about their cases, but so far no luck. I don’t know if it’s their policy to keep current cases off their website, but all the useful looking parts of their site are inaccessible. I might try getting in touch with Cesar Barrera, the Captain from the DEPAA video. I’m still having no luck finding a spanish speaker to translate that video - can anyone help?

I’ve had better luck here in the UK. Several people have responded to my requests for interviews about the life and work of Markus Schoenberg. I’ll be meeting up with his old boss at a Routes Game event in Cambridge (on Valentine’s Day! Note to self: take flowers). And two or three other promising interviewees are in the offing. The pattern that’s emerging is of a very decent and hard-working man, just as Rachel says, but there are lots of big unknowns to explore before I reach conclusions.

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