Mike Rush finds Jim Malham

If you’ve been following the blog comments, this is old news for you already. But Mike’s done some brilliant work in helping us chase down “Jim Malham”. Kirstie, Thomas K and Zoe over on Rachel’s blog have been helping out too.

He’s pointed us to:

Jim Malham’s Experience
Security Specialist
Various Clients
(Security and Investigations industry)

June 1993 — Present (15 years 9 months)

Special investigations, threat assessment and mitigation, reconnaissance, intelligence, and materials recovery. Familiar with South American customs and culture. Clients include leading biotech firms.

Leading Rating
Royal Navy
(Security and Investigations industry)

June 1987 — May 1993 (6 years)

Operated and maintained ship equipment, including weaponry, navigation and sensors.

But more than that:

also, he was in peru very recently

In Peru recently. He seems to overlap with Markus’ visit to Peru. First thoughts: colleague, killer or coincidence?

Is there anything else out there about Malham? And what about Aalia?

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8 Responses to “Mike Rush finds Jim Malham”

  1. Rebecca Frost Says:

    How come the URL points to Mylo Malham rather than Jim Malham?

  2. Zoe Fell Says:


    I’ve had a little look into Planta Dos Deuses as Markus was somehow involved.

    The headline on the home page is “Cacto de los cuarto vientos”. This translates to “Cactus of the Four Winds”.

    Thank goodness for Spanish dictionaries eh?

    If you search “Cactus of the Four Winds” (I’ll refer to it as COTFW from now on), it brings up this page:

    The COTFW is a Cactus that is native to Peru. It is said to be lucky for those who find it. They say the plant also has “special healing powers”.

    Also, if you go to the home page of the website, it’s all about tours to Peru. Perhaps Markus was one one of them?

    The only thing is…if he was, where are the other 9 people who went with him?

    Hope this helps - it’s a couple of things to think about anyway!


  3. Matt Says:

    Hi Rebecca

    I just don’t know! I had a look at some baby names and Mylo is apparently a variant of the name ‘Miles’, but that doesn’t tell us much. Maybe it’s a middle name? Or a nickname for Jim Malham? Or maybe Jim’s his nickname and his real name is Miles or Mylo. Difficult to tell without more information on the guy.

  4. Matt Says:

    Wow. What an amazing page:

    “a fanged feline-anthropomorphic being, holding in his outstretched right hand the stalk of a four ribbed San Pedro cactus. Jaguar’s claws project from his feet, feline fangs protrude from his mouth, harp-eagle claws extend from his hand, snakes come out of his head, a two-headed serpent comes out from his ceremonial belt and wings extends from his back, possibly indicating the shamanic capacity to fly”

    But yes, Markus on tour with them. It’s an interesting thought: I’ll drop them a line and see if Markus was part of a touring party. Perhaps the COTFW had interesting medicinal potential?

  5. Alex Eckl Says:

    Has anyone thought of trying to hack into Prometha to see if it has any information on their projects etc.

    It might also say why Markus left.

  6. Mike Says:

    iv tried alot of combinations with various names but nothing so far.

    also, i got a DEPAA pack today, contains a copy of that flyer and a poster you see in the videos

  7. Zoe Fell Says:

    Hey Matt,

    I posted some stuff on Rachel’s blog, but I’m not sure when she’s next going to check it as it’s Markus’ funeral today. I thought it might be wise to keep you up to date as well.

    Rachel posted a link to Markus’ Flickr page -

    I blew up that 1st photo because I thought something looked out of place.

    It’s not my imagination that Mylo ‘Jim’ Malham is in that photo, is it? If it’s not him, it’s certainly someone I’ve seen. His face rings a rather large bell…

    I’ve circled him in the photo just so someone can confirm it for me and let me know I’m not going mad.

    Hope you’re okay.


  8. Matt Says:

    Zoe, you’re a genius. Amazing - I think that’s the same guy. If it is, he’s in the same place in Peru as Schoenberg at the same time. They’re linked.

    The cactus links are interesting, but don’t you think it’s strange for such a rational man to be digging in to wooly-headed cults?