Good news and Great news

Good news: Frontier Genetics are interested in my article!

And even better news: Mike got his friend Sam to translate the DEPAA video! Here’s the transcript: thank you so much.

Good Afternoon. Two men have been arrested in connection to the case of the death of Professor Marco Schoenberg, at the hotel ‘Rosalita’ in Calca. I cannot give names for legal reasons but can tell you that both belong to the group ‘DEPAA’ a militant pressure group dedicated to defending the rights of American Indians. The team in charge of the investigation have found some threatening emails from ‘DEPAA’ stored on the Schoenberg’s laptop. The group accuses Schoenberg and his former employer ‘Prometa’ of committing acts of biopiracy. Two men are being questioned but are yet to be charged. Some questions?

Question : Do you know what Scoenberg was doing here in Calca?

Answer: We have no information about that yet.

Great work.

So we have a case number CLC0108-1314, a police site that takes a case number and then asks for more credentials, and only a little more information about the case. DEPAA are accusing Schoenberg and Prometha of biopiracy but also denying involvement. I haven’t heard back from the police in Peru, but they must know more.

I was keen to find out what was said at the top of the clip, but a friend emailed to let me know it was something like ‘Your son Rafael is on the phone’ and Barrera replies that he’ll call him later. Doesn’t look like a clue to me.

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2 Responses to “Good news and Great news”

  1. Zoe Fell Says:

    I’m not sure if it’s worth checking the links on the polce website out which are under the main photograph.
    All of the names are direct links to Flickr profiles, which have photo albums from Peru.
    I’ll check through the photos to see if any of them might give us some clues about Markus.
    Fingers crossed we’ll find something…

  2. Matt Says:

    Great, thanks Zoe. Let me know how you get on.